Product Care & Fit

Product Care:

To ensure you prolong the life of your Baby Eyewear we recommend that you always carry your sunglasses in the silk slip and hard case provided. 

Avoid wearing the sunglasses on your head as this may warp the fit and damage the supporting hardware of the glasses.

We recommend that you clean your sunglasses with a gentle lens solution and a lens cloth to avoid scratching the frame and lenses. 

Should you experience distortion in the shape or looseness at the screws due to wear and tear, we suggest you visit a reputable optometrist for servicing.



If you look on the inside of any frames, you'll find three numbers such as this: 49- 20-145.

These numbers correspond to the size of the glasses; the lens diameter (at its widest points), the bridge width and the arm length, measured in mm.

This information can be used to determine the overall width of the sunglasses and whether they will be the right fit for your face.